Aggregations in Power BI

There are three main points of advantages in using aggregations (what we can get from the official documentation): Better query performance over big dataOptimized data refreshBalanced architectures First, I connet to the AdventureWorksDW database. We choose a couple of tables (fact + dimension): Connect the tables into a data model Now, to have an aggregation … Continue reading Aggregations in Power BI

Camel Case Column Renaming – The new Way in #PowerBI #PowerQuery

A new splitter function has been discovered in Power Query (by Chris Webb and also others probably) which is not in the highlight notes of the February 2019 PBI release, but it is a very nice addition - Splitting Text By Character Transition. So, I had an adequate use case some time ago when I didn't … Continue reading Camel Case Column Renaming – The new Way in #PowerBI #PowerQuery