Good Looking Dashboards in Power BI

Would you like to be able to turn raw data in from an Excel, CSV file, or a database into a nice looking dashboards. For example, a dashboard like the one above?

Or, would you like to migrate your existing excel dashboards like the one below to a an analytical tool (like Power BI)?


Well, you can. The above dashboard has been done with Power BI. Not that there is anything wrong with the Excel dashboard, indeed, if it does the job, use it. However, if you are creating a new dashboard or Excel dashboards does not meet your needs anymore, you should consider using Power BI.

The Power BI service makes it easier to share the dashboard/report with other users, makes it easy to make alerts, consume reports on mobile devices (phones, tablets), hold a single version of truth, being able to hold large data models (hundreds of millions of rows), allow automatic refresh. Not to mention the very reasonable price (or for personal use – free).

You can interact with the live dashboard here.

Going back to the dashboard, how many times in analytics departments do we get data from the finance people to make a report from it. The dashboard is one example as an answer. Therefore, when in use (the dashboard), no additional time is spent on data preparation, users can just, everyday, come to work and consume the prepared reports. Well, that is because not just the dashboard has been designed, but also the underlying processes (ETL data process, refresh schedule).

For the ones that haven’t yet checked the Power BI mobile app, the dashboard looks like this in the ‘portrait’ mode.


And like this in the standard ‘landscape’ mode (the same as with tablets).



You can interact with the live dashboard here.


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